Active in: web information for expats
Mission: create Living Abroad Europe, manage current clients (proximity) and develop business
Results: maintained relationship with clients and new international clients (St Gobain, …)
Active in: cross-cultural training
Mission: to create DFA Europe, to develop their image and business in Europe
Results: regular articles in media, international clients (Fortis, Total, Wyeth, Cognis, …)
Active in: wine production in the Rhone Valley
Mission: to find worldwide importers and distributors
Results: on-going project
Active in: revolutionary language learning method (booster)
Mission: to be the sales department, worldwide, for Balingua
Results: concluded numerous partnerships to promote the brand and attract clients on the website.
Active in: international relocation
Mission: to show a presence in Europe, as European MSI HQ
Results: for those clients with which MSI was negotiating, InVice was MSI Europe
Active in: neuromarketing
Mission: create the brand in Europe
Results: published the French edition of the book in, numerous interviews with economic media, active prospecting of targeted international companies.
Active in: IT system for HR management
Mission: consultancy in developing int’l client sales plan.
Results: presentation of services to 10 selected targets (Unilever, …)

We will be happy to share with you more information on those projects or others on request.