Key benefits of a partnership with InVice
Right from the initial training relating to your services and immediately after agreement on the proposed action plan, InVice will assure contacts for your company, launch an active prospecting policy, organize presentation visits and meetings, etc. In other words, a minimum in administrative management will lead to a maximum amount of quality-based activity!
European and Worldwide Network
Accessible right from the start, thanks to the experience of each associate or staff member with the numerous contacts gained during their professional careers but also thanks to InVice’s own contacts and large database. When you collaborate with InVice, you don’t have a blank sheet in front of you. You immediately start as favourite.
Expertise in international sales
InVice’s team represents more than 50 years of expertise in the international promotion of quality services. Bio’s of the staff and associates can be supplied on request.
InVice is definitely results-oriented. InVice’s goal is to achieve quick results for your benefit, thanks to an efficient contact development policy (from initial contact through to the conclusion of contracts and their follow-up).
Risk Sharing
InVice is partially paid upon results; in acting on your behalf, we support part of the risk linked to any commercial development. In doing so, InVice allows your company to remain focused on both its strategic issues and its core business. Moreover and self evidently, you do not need to engage new commercial staff members.
Through the numerous contacts InVice has developed with its other international partners, InVice can immediately spot opportunities for your own company; not to mention possible partnerships between InVice partners themselves.
InVice fully respects the philosophy and values of its partners. Integrity, respect for others, professionalism, dedication and motivation are not only words but true values and principles anchored in InVice and each and every one of its staff members.