Very often small and medium-sized companies have excellent products and services with high international potential. But due to lack of time, resources (appropriate human resources, legal structure, finance, …), international experience or network … they do not risk expanding out of their traditional markets or creating branches which can bring an international presence. Other companies might already sell abroad but are looking for ways to boost their sales, to intensify their presence on identified markets or in particular regions. That is where InVice can help you as a partner.

InVice comes from Latin, meaning “instead of, in the name of”. It operates under your name: it does not function as a sales representative but as “you” in the selected markets. We decide on the appropriate strategy as a function of your goals and we implement that strategy for you. And with you.

InVice was created in 2003 and after 5 years of operation, has won international long-term clients for its partners, bringing significant results and demonstrating its real expertise in international development.